International business advisory

Bridgemaker Ltd. helps Small to Medium Businesses play a role in international trade and operations. We provide expertise, analytical tools and local knowledge to make ambitious businesses succeed.

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Business and operations advisory for small and medium companies.

Founded in 2013, Bridgemaker ltd. is a boutique business advisory firm that focuses on commercial and operative development throughout the Near and Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.
Directors and advisors come from different backgrounds, and we use significant seniority in operations management. Moreover, we are continually designing lean and effective IT and AI-based applications to support management and operations.

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Business intelligence and data analysis.

SMEs use business intelligence to make better, fact-based decisions, improve customer relations, and refine their products. Business intelligence has an impact on risk management, supply chain controlling and internal procedures adjustments.

Bridgemaker Ltd. provides SMEs with the right tools to operate internationally. We make dynamic ventures punch above their weight, competing with larger companies in profitable niches.

Our services
Modern solutions for physical trade.

Cutting-edge technologies for procurement, negotiation and payments.

Operations advisory

We advise on sourcing strategies, diversification, resilience and value for money assessments. Companies benefit from form procurement outsourcing in terms of resources and time, also enjoying an end-to-end service that includes payments flows and logistics.

Digital procurement

We love technology applied to procurement and supply chain management. Technology brings a vast increase in efficiency and situation awareness that lets us implement modifications in real-time to the flow of goods and related payments based on contingencies.


Our clients enjoy a paperless, always online way to deal with the international trade of goods. We use forms, portals and digitally signed documents. We make things simple, also saving a lot of calls and emails.

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  • The project economy has become a reality, and businesses should review how they handle projects in terms of timing and resources. Individuals should be identified and ranked on projects rather than on hierarchy, and time should follow different critical paths than past projects.

  • Small to medium enterprises tend to focus on sales when looking for expansion to international markets. It is a gross misunderstanding of the fundamental nature of global operations. This brief post will share a few insights and resources to choose a better local partner in the long term.

  • The WTO faces an existential need to reform. Otherwise, members will seek to manage international trade elsewhere, making it an open book.

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