International management advisory for growth.

Founded in 2013, Bridgemaker ltd. is a boutique business advisory firm that focuses on commercial and operative development throughout the Near and Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.
Directors and advisors come from different backgrounds, and we use significant seniority in operations management. Our human capital ranks among the top 10% of consultants in the UK and continental Europe. Moreover, we are continually designing lean and effective IT and AI-based applications to support management and operations.

Efficiency providers.

We design and improve solutions to keep our customers aware of how we address their issues. Based on actual needs, Bridgemaker ltd. employs a combination of human and virtual support for SMEs processes. We deliver expertise that makes the difference in solving complex issues related to international business operations. 

Our services

Product design

We advise on the creation of sound products.

Clearing the path

We recognise the best matches in the global markets.


We handle shipments virtually anywhere.

Feedback & analysis

We are always learning by doing through data and feedback.

Where expertise and innovation unite.

No project is really like any other, so we merge our expertise with special requirements to produce sustainable solutions for our clients. Through its extensive network of experts, Bridgemaker ltd. will deploy actionable solutions at a glance. In doing so, we commit to focus on the following points:

Initial evaluation
Requirements definition
Project design
Execution and feedback

Our commitment to sustainability.

We believe that businesses should adapt to lessen their consumption of resources. Such an attitude is not only environmentally friendly: it also saves money. At Bridgemaker ltd., we run a next to zero paper business, as to say we almost eliminated paper in our business processes. We are happy to share our experience through our network, as every little thing matters to reduce the global corporate footprint.