We love new ventures.

We founded Bridgemaker ltd. in 2013 to supply international business advisory to those small to medium enterprises that often feel neglected by more prominent firms. As an innovative, technology-driven boutique advisory firm, we are responsive and effective in addressing startups and other dynamic businesses that are willing to grow internationally with an eye on budget and avoid wasting resources.

Our people

Different stories, one objective.

Bridgemaker ltd. directors and advisors come from different backgrounds, namely finance, logistics, maritime, diplomacy, academia and defence. We are present in several locations throughout Europe, Africa, the Near and Middle East, and Central Asia through proper use of the most agile management tools.


Culture, expertise and curiosity drive us in understanding foreign trade dynamics to serve our clients in the best possible way.


We are kind, down to earth professionals who love making a difference for our clients’ success.

Our services

Our commitment to sustainability.

We believe that businesses should adapt to lessen their consumption of resources. Such an attitude is not only environmentally friendly: it also saves money. At Bridgemaker ltd., we run a next to zero paper business, as to say we almost eliminated paper in our business processes. We are happy to share our experience through our network, as every little thing matters to reduce the global corporate footprint.