A better business.

We serve small to medium enterprises that are willing to expand their operations abroad. Whether it is a commercial project or an operative diversification, Bridgemaker Ltd. has gained exposure to creating joint ventures, strategic partnerships, agency agreements or more common sales.

We are not a business development company, and we do not provide our clients with a contact list, as there is little added value: what if a company has a long list of prospective leads? Instead, we design solutions based on analysis to deliver balanced solutions to our clients, hence identifying the features of prospective partners and clients.

  • Useful and different
  • Straight to the point
  • Concrete results

The forefront of international business.

What makes us different is our focus on skills like data analytics and direct exposure to current international issues: from macroeconomics to political and social issues, we are fond listeners and active members in addressing any potential outcome for a business. Hence we keep ourselves ready to advise our clients by using what we learn and master. To do so, we commit to taking part in research panels, informal diplomacy initiatives and conferences.


Continuous improvement

Our services are evolving with our client’s objectives and systemic changes.

Fresh ideas
We keep ourselves up to date on current international trade issues and opportunities.

The importance of business intelligence for SMEs.

Business intelligence is fundamental for SMEs to improve efficiency. In a continuous pursuit of competitiveness, decision-makers shall lead firms with awareness and more excellent responsiveness to internal and external inputs. Through a professional analysis of data, a firm will achieve better results in operations, sales and management, particularly regarding financial performance and resources optimization. SMEs use business intelligence to make better, fact-based decisions, improve customer relations, and refine their products. Business intelligence has an impact on risk management, supply chain controlling and internal procedures adjustments.

Business intelligence and analytics requires expertise and tools which are sometimes oversized for a single firm. Bridgemaker ltd. fills the information and analysis gap efficiently and affordably. We work with our clients to assess:

  • Define goal and objectives

  • Data collection either internally or externally

  • Pattern identification

  • AI-powered predictive model

Designed on specific needs

Supporting international operations.

Logistics and supply chain

The movement of goods is a crucial aspect of cross border trade. To thrive, a firm shall rely on a resilient, time effective and consistent supply chain. At the same time, a firm shall manage outward shipments rationally to meet its clients’ expectations. Bridgemaker Ltd. can handle supply chains and loads through tailored and inclusive services, thus reducing uncertainty and cutting the red tape.

Business review

Combining firm-specific advantages and country-specific assets is fundamental for the sake of international business expansion. Choosing the correct country for a sound reason is the pathway to a rational cross border corporate strategy. Bridgemaker Ltd. has the right expertise and instruments to make profound assessments and deliver a straightforward scenario.

Management and feedback

International business is not an isolated commercial activity. Although many companies look at global markets as recipients, there is much more to consider when expanding corporate reach beyond the national horizons. To deliver a safe and smooth environment, Bridgemaker Ltd. has a multi-sector and layered array of services.

Data mining and analysis

Businesses retain more data than they think. From production to warehousing, up to sales, data say much about a business past and future. Bridgemaker Ltd. gathers all available data to portray a transparent array of opportunities for improvement. We also have preferential access to the most complete and accessible commercial database.

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Making the difference

We listen to small and medium businesses.

We know how SMEs should make the best use of their resources. To help them thrive, we designed different payment schemes, letting our customers choose between single or multiple instalments subscriptions and in combination with milestone achievements.

  • Different charging methods

  • Subscriptions available

  • Designed on real needs

  • Scalable

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