A better business.

Bridgemaker ltd. advises small to medium enterprises that are willing to expand their operations abroad. Digital supply network management is our core service, and we also deliver tailored digital solutions that impact efficiency and commercial reach.

We help our clients collect data and make decisions on facts rather than feelings. All our tools and knowledge aim to create sustainable, responsive business models: we let SMEs reach higher operative and commercial standards through rationality.

We designed our services to create efficiency and confidence.

Bridgemaker Ltd. provides SMEs with the right tools to operate internationally. We make dynamic ventures punch above their weight, competing with larger companies in profitable niches.

Through a professional analysis of data, a firm will achieve better results in operations, sales and management, particularly regarding financial performance and resources optimization.

SMEs use business intelligence to make better, fact-based decisions, improve customer relations, and refine their products. Business intelligence has an impact on risk management, supply chain controlling and internal procedures adjustments.

Analytical services.

Understanding business and driving it to success requires a model and wise decisions.
We provide decision-makers with the right tools.
Business review

Combining firm-specific advantages and country-specific assets is fundamental for the sake of international business expansion. Choosing the correct country for a sound reason is the pathway to a rational cross border corporate strategy.

Data mining and analytics

Businesses retain more data than they think. From production to warehousing, up to sales, data say much about a business’s past and future. Bridgemaker ltd. gathers all available data to portray a transparent array of opportunities for improvement.

Physical trading advisory.

Bridgemaker Ltd. has embraced cutting-edge technologies for procurement, negotiation and payments, thus reaching a high level of efficiency and situation awareness.

Procurement advisory

We advise on procurement strategies, diversification, resilience and value for money assessments. Companies benefit from form procurement outsourcing in terms of resources and time, also enjoying an end-to-end service that includes payments flows and logistics.

Digital supply network management

The movement of goods is a crucial aspect of cross-border trade. A firm shall rely on a resilient, time-effective and consistent supply chain to thrive. At the same time, a firm shall manage outward shipments rationally to meet its client’s expectations. Bridgemaker ltd. can handle supply chains and loads through digital tools, thus reducing uncertainty and cutting the red tape.

Our promise

Where expertise and innovation unite.


Handling international business processes is demanding. In uncertain waves, expertise and awareness are fundamental.

Every piece of information is in place

We design client portals for administrative tasks and secure data rooms in our cloud to make everything readily available to stakeholders.

Excellent features, cool payment methods

Our clients can choose between online payments, international direct debit, or bank transfers.