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What we do

In a fast-changing global order, uncertainty is par with opportunity. However, SMEs could not afford to miss a chance for mismanagement or, dramatically often, for an information deficit or an inadequate situation awareness.
Our solution relies on a combination of effectiveness and rationality. We strongly believe that our services shall be as responsive and scalable as possible to meet our customers’ criteria and needs. Therefore, Bridgemaker Ltd. provides the following services:

PESTEL analysis

A Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal assessment is a preliminary recognition of a country‚Äôs potential and factual advantages and issues.  

Market entry strategies

Small and medium enterprises cannot afford a second chance in entering a new market. Therefore, an accurately drafted analysis is fundamental to get in in a wise and measured way, delivering the right amount of resources in comparison to market potentials and indicators.  

Global Value Chain Analysis

Having a clear idea of how to assess country-specific advantages (CSA) is a way to enhance corporate operations in terms of efficiency and financial gains. 

Risk assessment and mitigation

International business is risky. Indeed, dynamic SMEs overtake risk by analysis and mitigation, being aware of the difference between risk aversion and awareness.  

Special assignments

Although Wide, Our Service Portfolio Is Far More Diversified, Including Enhanced Due Diligence, Compliance And KYC/AML Assessments. We Treat All Inquiries In A Confidential And Professional Way.

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